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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Atlanta, GA

prenatal care

Prenatal Chiropractic During Pregnancy

If you have recently learned that you are pregnant, you may be both delighted to welcome a new member and apprehensive about the physical changes to come. The nine months of pregnancy required for a fetus to fully develop bring many changes to the mother's body, and some of these changes can create considerable strain and discomfort. Additionally, the position of the baby within the womb can make a critical difference in ensuring a healthy, non-surgical delivery. Here at Century Center Chiropractic, we are happy to help expectant mothers experience greater comfort and better overall wellness through our natural, drug-free techniques.

What kind of changes can you expect to encounter during your pregnancy? We are all familiar with the extended belly and weight gain seen in pregnant women. This natural process, designed to make extra room for the growing fetus, upsets your normal posture in various ways. The muscles of the pelvic floor begin to loosen, preparing the way for eventual birth. This can alter the pelvic tilt, and the extra weight up front then causes your lower spine to shift forward. Such postural shifts typically result in lower back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, foot pain and muscular strain. Nerves may become pinched, causing discomfort and reducing your body's ability to control its multitude of functions. Hormonal changes common during pregnancy may become exaggerated, producing edema (swelling) in the extremities, mood changes, headaches, fatigue and other symptoms.

Gentle Prenatal Care from Our Chiropractor in Atlanta

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a safe, effective way to maintain proper physical function while relieving many of the discomforts that accompany this period. Our chiropractor in Atlanta keeps a close eye on any spinal changes that occur, performing gentle adjustments as needed to help prevent misalignments that might add to your discomforts. Since proper spinal alignment optimizes nerve function, we can help you enjoy more normalized hormonal balances while avoiding nerve pain. A balanced body is also better able to distribute weight evenly, lessening muscle stresses and strains and the chronic pains associated with them.

One of the most important factors in a healthy delivery is the alignment of the sacral spine. Misalignments in this area can prevent the fetus from rotating into the correct position for a normal, head-first trip through the birth canal. This problem, known as dystocia, could make all the difference between an easy natural delivery and a Cesarian section. A chiropractic procedure called the Webster technique can prove highly beneficial in correcting sacral spinal misalignments gently and non-invasively. The technique frees the baby to experience an easier natural birth. This not only eases labor for you, but it can also redcue the amount of stress your baby's musculoskeletal system must endure during delivery.

Contact Century Center Chiropractic to schedule chiropractic care during pregnancy. We look forward to reducing your lower back pain, muscular aches and other issues while also providing a healthier start for your newborn child.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy can leave you with a great many questions and concerns about your health and comfort --not to mention the health of the developing fetus. Your quest for answers may have led you to consider chiropractic care, triggering even more questions about the use of this natural healing modality during pregnancy. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the subject at Century Center Chiropractic.

  • What physical symptoms can I expect during a typical pregnancy? Your body must undergo some profound changes as it nurtures a fetus and readies itself for birth. The expansion of your abdomen involves both weight gain and shifts in your musculoskeletal alignment. The effects on your joints, muscles and nerves can create headaches, low back pain, neck pain, hormonal swings, nausea, circulatory problems, and edema (swelling).
  • Can my vertebral imbalances affect my baby? Late in pregnancy, the pelvic ligaments loosen, creating instability and possible vertebral imbalances. This may make it harder for the fetus to turn around into an upside-down position for a normal head-first delivery. If this repositioning cannot occur, you may be facing a breech birth that must be delivered via Cesarian section.
  • How does chiropractic care provide drug-free relief for pregnancy symptoms? Chiropractic care is a natural method of correcting alignment issues, reducing joint pain and muscle strain. It can also relieve pressure from major nerves. This not only relieves pain and other neurological issues, but it also allows your physical systems to function more normally, optimizing your (and your baby's) overall wellness.
  • How effective is prenatal chiropractic care? Prenatal chiropractic has an enviable track record of success where easing pregnancy-related discomfort is concerned. For instance, research shows that 70 percent of women who receive prenatal chiropractic care enjoyed relief from lower back pain after just one month of treatment.
  • How does chiropractic care improve my chances for a normal, healthy delivery? Our Atlanta chiropractor, Dr. Jared Simon, may recommend a specialized technique known as the Webster technique. This technique is specifically designed to correct alignment problems in the pelvis and base of the the spine. By correcting this area of your musculoskeletal system, we can give your baby the best possible chance for a normal, complication-free delivery.
  • Can pregnant women safely receive chiropractic adjustments? Chiropractic care is completely safe for pregnant women. Here at Century Center Chiropractic, we make every effort to make you comfortable and keep your body properly supported throughout your adjustment session. The fact that chiropractic care can help you avoid less-safe options such as pain medication is another point in its favor.

Are You Ready to Learn More? Call Century Center Chiropractic

If prenatal chiropractic care sounds like the answer to many of your anxieties, then you owe it to yourself to learn more by arranging a consultation with our chiropractor. Call Century Center Chiropractic today at 404-634-1669 to get all the answers to your prenatal health and wellness questions!

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