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Scoliosis FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Scoliosis from Century Center Chiropractic

One of the most common chronic back conditions we see in our office is scoliosis. The spine is a delicate structure that protects the spinal cord from harm. In order to do this, there are numerous vertebrae that help provide structure and support for not only the spinal cord, but also the muscles of the back, torso, and abdomen. Sometimes, the vertebrae of the back can be knocked out of alignment. When the spine curves from side to side, it is called scoliosis. There are a number of common questions that patients ask about scoliosis. The team from Century Center Chiropractic is here to help everyone in the Atlanta and surrounding areas learn more about scoliosis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scoliosis

Some of the most common questions we answer regarding scoliosis include:

Is Scoliosis Permanent?

Not all scoliosis is permanent. When someone has been diagnosed with scoliosis, their vertebrae are simply out of alignment. There are ways to shift the vertebrae back into the proper location depending on the severity of the condition.

Does Scoliosis Require Surgery?

Scoliosis does not always require surgery. Sometimes, people visit a medical doctor and are told they need to have surgery to correct their scoliosis. We are here to provide everyone with an alternative. We can take our own x-rays, do a physical exam, and then discuss the various treatment options.

Can Scoliosis Cause Other Complications?

Yes, there is a chance that scoliosis can lead to other complications. When the spine is curved to a severe extent, this can lead to compression of some of the other organs in and around the spine. This might even make it hard for someone to breathe. For this reason, scoliosis needs to be addressed.

Do I Have to Wear a Back Brace for Scoliosis Treatment?

Not everyone with scoliosis will need to wear a back brace; however, this is handled on a case by case basis. It is always best for a patient to come and see us so we can discuss the treatment options for that specific scoliosis case.

Rely on the Experienced Team at Century Center Chiropractic

It is important for everyone who is suffering from back pain, particularly due to scoliosis, to have a well-rounded treatment plan. At Century Center Chiropractic, we are here to provide everyone in the Atlanta and surrounding areas with access to chiropractic care. With access to a trained chiropractor, we believe that everyone has the potential to make a full recovery. We are here to help all of our patients do exactly that. To learn more about our services, please call us today at 404-634-1669 to schedule an appointment. 

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