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The Georgia Chiropractor Featured Article

While acting professionally in New York City, Dr. Jared Simon hurt himself while performing in a play.

“I had a lot of problems, and no one could help, until I saw my chiropractor,” he explained. “I loved theater and acting, but I wanted something more stable that would allow me to work with people and make changes in their lives, and chiropractic was a great avenue to do that.”

So, Simon left New York for Life University in 1989, working his way through school by acting locally in Atlanta.

“I did a lot of industrial movies, which are in-house films for companies like Georgia Pacific and Orkin. Those were my bread and butter, he said.”

Simon also acted in local theatrical productions for Actors Express the Alliance Theater, the Horizon and Theater in the Square.

“I still do a lot of theater in Atlanta, but I’ve taken a break to pursue film and TV work, which allows me to put my hat back in the ring, while still practicing Now most movies and TV are cast by tape audition, so it works around my schedule,” Simon who recently appeared in a Georgia Lottery Keno commercial and on the TV show Necessary Roughness, said.

His work as an actor while at Life helped Sino develop a patient base of other artists.

“Acting is a wonderful way of being creative, but it’s stressful to make a living out of it. It understand the needs of actors and performers and the lifestyle challenges they have. They don’t take care of themselves or have the resources to take care themselves like the rest of the community. They have issues due to neglect because of money. Some actors live a transient lifestyle which comes with its own set of stresses, and healthcare doesn’t fall high on the totem pole,” he explained. “They want to go to someone who understands what their challenges are.”

“I give them exercise, nutritional advice and home care things they can do on the road to maintain proper spinal health, given their restraints,” he said. “About a third of my practice is a performers, including Cee Lo Green. I see a lot of back pain and stress-related issues.”

In addition to treating actors, Simon founded the Atlanta Actor Health Net, a group of physicians who discount their fess to members of Actors Equity, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

“It’s a way for me to help the starving artists,” he said.

Simon feels his involvement in acting has helped his practice. “If you find a niche you have a passion for and get involved in that community, people have reason to go to you. People think your office has to have a huge visibility. My building has no visibility, but I built it based on relationships. These are more stable than gimmicks” he said.

And for Simon, who performed improv with Eddie Murphy as a teenager, chiropractic is more stable than acting. “I get to make a living helping people, while also pursuing my passion for acting without the financial stress,” he said.

-By Valerie L. Smith

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