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First Consultation at Century Center Chiropractic

What To Expect From Our Atlanta Chiropractor at Century Center Chiropractic

Your first visit to our chiropractic clinic is probably going to be filled with questions. How long will it take for you to feel better? How many visits will your treatment take? What type of outcome can you expect? We want you to be as comfortable as possible to ensure your treatment goes well, so here is some information about what to expect when you visit our Atlanta chiropractor at Century Center Chiropractic.

Century Center Chiropractor talking to a patient

Using the best state-of-the-art tools and resources, the staff at Dr. Simon’s office employs a variety of techniques and treatments to alleviate pain and emphasize healthy living. Every customized treatment is designed to increase the range of mobility while assisting the joints and muscles in their healing process.

However, some who have never been to a chiropractor may not know what to expect. This article will take some of the mystique out of chiropractic care and help to prepare new clients for their first appointment and subsequent follow-up visits.

General Chiropractic Care

At Century Center Chiropractic, we approach your care with careful planning. We believe that a proper plan has to be followed to ensure that your body will be strong and fully functional.

At your first visit, we will perform a thorough exam, often including X rays, to see where your problems lie. This allows our chiropractor to create a custom treatment plan that will address your specific health-related problem. Often we will discuss more than just your back or neck pain, as many health concerns are connected to spinal health.

The actual treatment process involves three stages. The first step is what our Atlanta chiropractor likes to call "Relief Care." Most of our patients come to our clinic when they are in pain. Our first goal is to help reduce that pain. Most patients need to come two to three times a week for four to twelve weeks during this stage.

Once the first phase is set we move to phase two, which is Corrective or Restorative Care. This phase gives the muscles and other tissue the time they need to heal completely, so you can protect yourself from future injury. Most people need to visit the chiropractor four to eight times per month for six to 24 months during this stage.

The final stage is what we call "Wellness Care." Once the body has fully healed, our patients benefit from periodic adjustments to help avoid future injuries. One to four visits per month, depending on your lifestyle and your goals, will help you maintain your results and avoid future injury.

Ongoing Wellness

Once a deep level of healing and strength has been established in the body, the client enters a phase of wellness treatment and maintenance care. These visits are less frequent and more about fine-tuning the body’s state of healing and ensuring proper functioning. Frequency can be 1 to 4 times per month depending on the individual.

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If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, there can be some confusion as to what to expect in the short and long term. Hopefully, this overview can bring clarity to the prospect of seeing a chiropractor in Atlanta. Request an appointment today by either calling (404) 634-1669 or visiting our Appointment Request page.

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